How It Works

What are Shiva Organizer and Caring Organizer?

Both Shiva Organizer and Caring Organizer offer free and helpful tools for family and friends to help others through a time of loss or illness. In addition to providing details about the house in mourning (visiting hours, prayer times, dietary restrictions, etc.), we also facilitate sending in meals to the bereaved family in an organized and easy way through an online calendar. Our site also contains a Local Directory which connects people with restaurants, caterers, florists, cleaning services, and more in their area.

Which do I use, Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer?

Shiva Organizer addresses the specific needs of planning a Shiva (the Jewish period of mourning) while Caring Organizer can be used for a mourning family of any culture or religion as well as when someone is ill.

How much does it cost to create or participate in a Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer?

It doesn’t cost anything to create or participate in a Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer. It is free for people to set up a unique profile and to use the interactive tools and resources.

How do I set up a Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer?

Click on the Get Started button and follow the easy step-by-step instructions. 

Can I use Caring Organizer on any of my devices?

Yes. can be accessed on your computer, mobile devices and iPads, etc.

You can create a new profile as the Organizer and send to your friends and family by sharing the profile link. You can also access a Profile you receive through the custom URL and sign up for meals on the interactive calendar. 

How do I find a specific Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer profile?

For privacy reasons, you need to be given access to the specific Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer profile you want to view via a unique URL. The unique URL can be shared via email, text, WhatsApp, iMessage, or posts on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Once you receive the unique URL, click on it or copy and paste it into your browser bar. You will then be directed to the specific profile you want to see.

Who can view a Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer profile?

To view a profile and/or send a meal, you need to have the unique URL. The person who sets up the profile will send it out by email, text, social media, or WhatsApp.  If you want to support someone and haven’t received or seen the link, contact a friend or family member and ask them to send it to you.

Is Caring Organizer available in my area?

Our Shiva Organizer and Caring Organizer tools and Helpful Tips are available to everyone, everywhere. To find local caterers, restaurants, florists, etc. go to the Local Directory to see recommendations in your area.  If you do not find vendors in your area, please be sure to check back as our Directory is being updated continuously. If you would like to recommend a city for us to add vendors, please email us at

Who are the vendors in the Local Directory?

Our vendors provide services for bereaved families, including catering shivas, funeral meals, repast meals, flowers, cleaning services, and more. Each of our vendors have been vetted for quality, satisfaction, and service.




For Organizers

Who should set up a Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer profile?

Typically, it is either a friend or family member who is not a direct mourner (parent, spouse, sibling, child) who sets up the profile and sends it out to their family, friends and community. Someone other than a direct mourner sets it up to alleviate the burden on the people mourning and provide and organize support for them. 

What if someone tells me they want to send a meal but they aren’t tech savvy or don’t want to enter it on the site themselves?

As the Organizer, you can enter the information for the person sending in the meal yourself.  Select an open date from the calendar and book the meal by entering their name and email address along with the meal details. Caring Organizer will send a notification email and a reminder email to either the meal sender (if they have an email address) or to the Organizer to confirm.

What do I do if we have multiple locations for the Shiva (Jewish period of mourning)?

Currently the site does not provide this option but it is an upgrade we are planning on launching soon.

How do I invite others to view the profile?
Copy the unique profile URL, and paste it into an email, text message, or in a status update, Tweet, or private message to your friends on social networks. Your friends can then forward the link to others. 

How do I communicate with someone who has signed up to send in a meal if I need to connect with them?

Organizers will see a list of all contributors on the Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer profile page once they are logged in.

 Can I print out the meal schedule?

Yes, you can print out the meal schedule so that you have a copy on hand and so that you can post it in the mourner's kitchen for easy access. Simply download the PDF and print as many copies as you need. 

Can I edit and make updates and changes to the Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer profile after I initially set it up?

Yes. You will be able to review/preview the profile throughout the setup process before finalizing it and sharing it with people. After you have set it up, you can log back in at any time and make any required changes to the profile. 

What communication from Caring Organizer will I receive?

Once the Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer profile is created you, as the Organizer, will receive confirmation that the unique profile URL has been set up. You will also receive a notification via email each time someone schedules or cancels sending in a meal on the interactive calendar.

You can also opt-in to receive emails from Caring Organizer with new Helpful Tips and news. Sign up here

Can I delete a Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer profile if I don’t want it any longer?

If you would like to delete your Shiva Organizer or Caring Organizer profile please contact our support team at:

How do I see a complete list of meal contributors so I can send thank you’s?

You can view a complete list of meal contributors on your Shiva or Caring profile page. 




For Contributors (Meal Senders)

Why do I need to have an account to send a meal?

Having an account with your email address and password enables you to easily manage all the details when you contribute to sending in a meal. You can book a date, or modify the details if something changes. You will also receive reminder emails, and be able to see all of the profiles that have been shared with you in one place.

Can I share the Profile with additional people?

Yes, you can share the profile with more people.  Simply copy the unique profile link, and paste it into an email, text, or other method to share. 

How do I communicate with the person who set up the profile, the Organizer, if I need to connect with them?

You can locate the organizers name, phone, and email address on the Shiva/Caring profile details page.

How can I contribute and support someone if I do not live near the recipient?

If you live in a different city or town than the person you want to support, there are many things you can do from afar.

  • You can sign up to send in a meal and search the Local Directory for recommended local vendors.
  • Send a donation to the mourning family’s selected charity, which can be found on the profile page.

For more ideas on how to show your support, see the Helpful Tips articles Other Things to Bring or Do to Support Someone Who is Grieving and What You Can Do After the Shiva or Initial Mourning Days.

Will I get a reminder email?

Yes. After booking a date, you can choose to receive a reminder via email one day before the scheduled date.

Can I change my booked meal date?

Yes. Go to the “Calendar” page and select the "Make Changes" button next to your meal. You will then be able to book a different date. The meal recipient will receive a notification of any changes made.

What if I realize at the last minute that I cannot deliver a meal?

Please contact either the organizer or recipient to let them know you won’t be able to make the scheduled delivery.

How do I find people to share in sending a meal?

You can contact the Organizer and ask them if they can connect you with other people so you can go in together and split the costs of sending in a meal. 

Is there a way to split the costs of a meal with other people and pay them on

We currently do not have that functionality. However, suggestions to collect money from people sharing in sending a meal are to use an app such as Venmo, or Paypal,

See “How to Send a Caring or Shiva Meal with Other People” on the Helpful Tips page for suggestions on how to make money collection stress-free.




For Vendors

How do I sign up to become a Vendor in the Local Directory?

Go to Advertising and Partnerships page and click on Sign up now

Why should I advertise with Caring Organizer?

Advertising with Caring Organizer will help you increase your sales by reaching an underserved target audience with shiva and Caring meals, flower arrangements, and cleaning services. Out-of-town customers turn to our Local Directory, where our advertisers are listed, when they want to support friends and family but don’t know where to order from.

How much does it cost to advertise with Caring Organizer?

Contact us at to discuss Local Directory Rate Card for further details.

Does Caring Organizer receive a commission on sales?

No. You receive the full payment from customers. We charge a low monthly subscription fee.

Do customers place orders through Caring Organizer?

No. There is no third-party involvement; customers come directly to you.





Account Settings

How can I edit my account?

You can modify your personal information (name, email, password, address) by first signing in to with your registered email address and password. Then howevering over your name in the top right menu and and selecting “My Account” from the drop-down menu.

I forgot my password.

Use the “Forgot Password” feature on the login page. You will receive an email to reset your password.




Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

Will you share or sell account information?

Caring Organizer will not sell your account details. Personal information may be disclosed to others under certain circumstances. Please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for more information.


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