Alleviate the stress and stay organized.

We Help You:

Easily Organize Meals
Easily Organize Meals
  • Interactive meal organizer
  • Customizable calendar
Communicate Quickly & Efficiently
Communicate Quickly & Efficiently
  • Share Shiva and mourning details with friends and family
  • Summary of meal details being sent in
  • Reminder emails
Send Support
Send Support
  • Directory of local caterers, restaurants, florists, gift baskets/trays, etc. that deliver to the house of mourning.
  • Out of town friends and family can easily contribute.
Helpful Tips
Helpful Tips
  • Guides and checklists for staying organized
  • Includes how-to’s for preparing the house for visitors, labeling systems for leftover food, visiting etiquette, and more

How it Works

Shiva Organizer Sample Caring Organizer Sample
Three options to support people:
Check out our local
directory for suggestions
Use a restaurant of
your choice
Send a
homemade meal

View our Local Directory

Thank you for your patience. We are working to continuously add vendors to our directory.